SAMANSTOCK.COM - what is up everyone,  my name is Usman Youssef in this tutorial I will be guiding you on how to make money by selling your designs on the marketplaces like a top stock

so.. without any further ado let's get started

so first of all what you need to do is that you should have some kind of fun design background

or you should have designed some kind of record illustrations that you want to actually contribute on this platform

and this is totally up to you that what kind of designs you want to contribute like UI designs our vector illustrations or photos.

so let's have a look at what people already are selling over there as you can see that people are selling photos people are selling vector illustrations and Photoshop mock-ups.

so this is totally up to you that what you want to sell

let's have a look at what people already have in illustration sections,

so as you can see that there are a lot of options that people have contributed on this platform alright

so as you can see there are a lot of different designs that other people have created out there as you can see here someone has created some kind of bubbles communication bubbles

and down there you can see that there are two ladies that someone has designed and then you can see that there is some kind

of retro illustration of RTV and then down here as you can see that

Valentine Day is around the corner so someone has created an even base illustration right so as we keep scrolling down the road we can see that there are a lot of different options that other designers has created for this platform and making a lot of money alright

in order to do that, you will have to create your account on a table stock.

if you don't have one let's go to adopts

all right so once you have opened website,

let's go to sell I think this is lying over here let's click on this one

and then you will find that I am already selling a lot of different designs a lot of different vector illustrations and a lot of different photos and videos and they are really making a good amount of money for me so let's jump into Adobe Illustrator and see

what we need to design well so this is the design that we will submit in the stock table.

and I'll explain every bit piece you need to do and how do you need to organize your files to submit add stock tables?

let's create our new document and just copy and paste our design there let's make it in your document and name it as UI UX Design is fine and make sure that you have chosen the right settings

I think I should write the web here and not the template.

I have to make it to do everything right 5,000 will be the size to be entered and the height of the document should be 3000 pixels and then make sure that in advance your choice has 72 RGB and a resolution of 72 is fine this is all settings Let's

make it good so this is our blank canvas,

let's paste our design here and then resize our design so that this is the edge to the edge that aligns with the canvas we don't come out of our canvas,

but make sure that this is inside and aligned with our white background canvas is fine

so let's make a little adjustment here and then once we're done  the top of it.

from this area and then we'll just drag it to the left side of the canvas fine and then once we're done with this piece we'll just drag it down.

then we will make certain different adjustments to our design both this triangle needs to be adjusted to this angle here

then we'll just customize the middle content of our design in the middle of the page and here I'm just going to make a little more adjustments that I'm going make.

choose my design this design section and this design part and make sure that it is customized in the middle of the page alright

and think I think we're good to go and let's save our design now and make sure that the design should be kept in EPS format and make sure that the design title

It should be very descriptive and should be quite clear as this will appear in Google searches within the Photoshop search table inside all table applications anyone who will search for this design and download or

buy this design so you need to make sure that the design reflects whatever you have created let's save this by clicking the Save button and then from the list of given versions

You need to make sure that you choose 10 versions of EPS or 8 versions is fine so I will choose those 10 versions and from there just you don't have to worry about this setting here

they are only used for complex art now we will only choose high settings high-resolution settings and also this setting you do not need you to know to worry about this just

hit OK and then our design was saved because you can see that our design is lying here now that we have designed our design now it's time to save a jpg preview of our design files

So let's go to the legacy arrangements we let me

do it again from the file menu we have to choose to save for web all say for web and from here we will take save for web settings fine from export

and now you should know to choose some settings from here and make sure that they are the best settings from here you should choose JPG PNG also works

but I really recommend you to go with jpg and your quality should be 100% fine so then once you are done with this just save this and this asks me that where I have to say at that I will just copy the path and then I will paste it here and save it ok now that our design is safe 

let's go back to the folder and see how it look like

so this is my jpg preview of the design that how it looks and this is my original design file of illustrator in EPS format

you need to make sure that the name of this file has to be same as this one so I just rename it and get rid of all the dashes in there so I just paste my title in here okay

so I just renamed it once I'm done renaming files let's select both of them and I will just compress them and create a zip file for these two documents alright so I created the zip file and then I will rename it again

with the same as the file name all right mmm once we are done with that let's jump back to a top stock and hit the upload button so we upload the file we can drag and drop the file or in another case we can just browse from here I will just drag and drop the file right there let's do it for it to upload alright so here we go as you can see once we uploaded our file here it is

showing us the type of file we have uploaded this is back row file

and then below that, we have the category you can see that there are all of the different categories we have selected graphic resources because we are submitting graphic resources if you are willing to select, a different you can do that and if you are submitting the photos then you will have to submit the release of the person you are submitting the photo of because you cannot submit the

Photos of someone without their permission are fine so I'll just hit now and

now I'm just going to paste my title here and the keywords here are fine so the stock head has calculated some keywords that you know and based on our vector illustrations

that we have sent it to give us some keywords that you know and we can also type us and you can see that I just typed my design keywords here and just made a few tweaks and hence they just appear in you know our google search and someone just comes back to me and based on these keywords take and just you know purchase my design alright

so let's make some you know more tweaks make sure that your keywords are separated properly by commas and let's do some more keywords so that you can have a really good you know search result option all right

so I'm going to give you a really awesome tip for you know generating your keywords so that you don't have to type everything manually and by using keyword tool for by Shutterstock we can just you know paste our title over here and from here

we can generate a few keywords for our design and paste them back inside a table stock you know once I've put my title over here and I search a few results for my design that looks my design I will just you know select a few options from here and then once I selected a few options this is providing keywords in real-time in the side column of keyword suggestions from here I will just quickly shortlist a few options for my keywords 

I think let's add this one by one and I think this is good fun let's go for this and this let's just quickly add a few of these all right once I have just a shortlist all of them I will just you know copy them from this button and then I will get back to my table stock and paste them or here just make sure that you have relevant keywords 

and so I will have to get rid of you know a few because they provide me 50 giver options so let's delete a few of these and now save my work once you have saved the work just make sure that everything else is in place there is no mistake if you have done some 

you can just get rid of that and then you just hit submit for approval this pop-up will appear here all the designs that you have submitted will appear and once you have selected all of them just hit submit button and now once you are submitted the design will appear in interview tab 

and if your design is good enough then this will stay inside the staff for around three to five business days in this period they will be reviewing your file and your design if this is good enough to go then that will be published otherwise that will go in a rejected tab so if you have made some mistakes then let me just show you the mistakes that I made so you can just get rid of them while you are making them 

so as you can see these are all my designs and photos that were not accepted and rejected due to these reasons that they have just shown over here so you just make sure that you do not make these mistakes or if something has or ejected on your end you can just redo that and submit them again 

so there are no hard and fast rules of you know submission you can easily redo if you have made any mistakes you can see our design appear hereafter uploading this was uploaded nine minutes ago and this is processed and now you can see from my dashboard that the designs that I have uploaded and they are active and you can see that I have made around $55 in February 

so this is a really good amount you know I have around a collection of nearly 200 designs and I am making a really good amount of money per month thank you so much for watching this video please subscribe to our Channel and if you need any help please comment in the comment section and I will be more than happy to answer your questions peace out