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Below is a list of the many valuable certificates you can make:

  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Certificate of Title
  • Safety Award Certificate
  • Employee of the Month Certificate
  • Award of Dedication
  • Certificate of Encouragement
  • Great Idea Award Certificate
  • Sports Award Certificate
  • World's Best Certificate
  • Mother's Day Certificate
  • Promotion Certificate
  • Music Award Certificate
  • Student of the Month Certificate

Certificates are becoming more and more popular and in wide-spread use.

You can add photos to your certificate, which would include photo of the product or item you are selling, the type of achievement you are recognizing, type of membership you are rewarding, etc.

Basically, it is very simple to make your own certificates. All you need to make a certificate is microsoft word. Just setup the page and use one of the borders in the program. Once you have the border on the page you can then start adding your text and graphics to complete the certificate. Sounds easy, it is.

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Next, discover the secrets to creating your own Certificate of Authenticity for any product or item you want to sell - click now to find out how! By including a certificate of authenticity to the buyer of your product or item, you are stating that this item is authenticate, which only the seller can verify.

Make a Certificate

Open Microsoft Word and click "New Document" located in the "New Publication" pane. This is set to automatically open.

Choose "Award Certificates" from the "New Publication" side column. The large window displays the templates for your program.

Pick a template by clicking the picture above its title.

You can change the placeholder default text by highlighting it and then typing the words you want and also change font style and color.

Save and print your certificate. Make a great presentation with your color laser printer.