Since ages, art has been the dominated field for its contribution in preserving the culture of many dominated historical existences. Calligraphy is one of such artistic form which has its roots to all cultures in one or other form and there is no doubt why there has been a question such as.

How to Learn Calligraphy? 

It is always a pleasurable thing to learn an artistic method through which one can unleash the potential and talent within him through his artistic skills. Now a day’s many sources are available at hand to learn calligraphy. 

Many institutes are offering courses in calligraphy like:

  • Advanced diploma course
  • Certificate course
  • Diploma course
  • Advanced diploma course
  • Short term course
  • Apart from the institutes there exists many people who train in their home on personal contact basis who are serving the unique calligraphy art to scatter its form for future generations.

    Experienced calligraphers

    Experienced calligraphers with passion don’t think of making money from their art, instead they try to teach the people with serious calligraphic orientation which makes them satisfied. 

    So, networking to know who the best calligraphy coacher in your surroundings is would be an advantage to learn calligraphy easily. Who knows? You might become the next Indian Picasso in future.


    Online has become a wonderful source of learning calligraphy which offers a plethora of sources to know and learn calligraphy on our own capabilities which offers online expertise people to interact and know tips from them.

    Through books

    Wide range of books is available to learn calligraphy which clearly demonstrates the ways and form of calligraphy expression and gives a thorough knowledge by being a handful source for calligraphy.

    Online Tutorials

    Tutorials and notes are available through online via websites, blogs and other sources of information from where one can learn calligraphy with their own interest on this distinctive form of art.

    Videos Tutorials

    Videos available online or other education sources helps a lot through visually observing and practicing it daily which further gives an advantage to create new ways in calligraphy.

    Many other sources which may seem small also exists that helps in understanding and learning calligraphy which purely based on their personal passion towards this art.

    How to Calligraphy Writing

    Calligraphy is referred to a form of artistic writing which is considered as a visual art. Calligraphy is considered as an art which needs skills to make the lettering appear fancy. 

    Calligraphy is a historical form of artistic expression through scripting skills which flourished in many cultures. 

    In recent times calligraphy is given importance more in expressing the artistic skills in an individual and is used widely in designing works, invitations, fonts designing, logo designing, religious art and other forms of expression through which it still survives which is use in many types of media such as Brochures, Newspapers, Television, Websites etc. 

    Calligraphy came into light through its usage with Roman alphabets which were painted and scripted on walls which was said to be a source for copying the texts, related to religion, culture, arts and their form of expression. 

    Depending upon the cultural diversities, geographical differences and their own forms of artistic expressions, many countries developed calligraphy which suites to preserve their culture in the form of stone carvings and other scriptural form of expression through calligraphy. 

    There are several calligraphy styles such as:

    1. Persian Calligraphy
    2. Nepalese Calligraphy
    3. Tibetan Calligraphy
    4. Turkish Calligraphy 
    5. Chinese Calligraphy
    6. Japanese Calligraphy
    7. Islamic Calligraphy
    8. Indian Calligraphy
    9. Korean Calligraphy
    10. Mongolian Calligraphy
    11. Mayan Calligraphy

    Apart from the above calligraphies, many other cultures paved a path for flourishing calligraphy as an important ingredient for the survival of their culture. 

    Calligraphy further expanded its horizon by giving birth to subsidiary forms of artistic expression which gather mass from calligraphy and has developed into a branch of study through which history is studied and many forms of culture and their various forms of establishments are known to mankind.

    Tools used for Calligraphy:

    1. Brushes
    2. Pens
    3. Pencils
    4. Colors, drawing instruments
    5. Inks, Calligraphy papers

    Since the art has no boundaries, new inventions have been made in the usage of calligraphy which invented many tools of calligraphy such as modern technology like software’s. Calligraphy stands as the most beautiful form of expression that man has ever invented.

    Calligraphy Fonts

    Majority of people actually do not give a thought regarding calligraphy fonts which they use in their works. Each of us utilizes calligraphy fonts whenever we write anything on paper, or at the time of typing something which we do in our computer at home or workplace. 

    Therefore, it can be said that calligraphy fonts are part and parcel of our life and it is also a type of creative art. With the passage of time calligraphy has also changed its pattern and designs according to the shape given to them by different people at different time.

    When men first began to utilize fonts, they had to scribble in the dirt or on stone and the fonts were of angular type. 

    Gradually, as men became more experienced, fonts took softer type of shapes and look. Shapes of the fonts were also affected when they were written on papyrus.

    The nuns and monks of Europe in the Church for Catholic invented a type of font which was utilized for transcribing biblical type of works during that time. 

    The style adopted by the monks were more formal and elaborate as majority of people in the society were illiterate during that time and the habit of reading was confined only to the delegates of the church and members of the royal family. 

    During that time, font called as “Gothic” had been considered as desirable fonts for using. With the passage of time as persons gradually began to learn reading, the need for simpler form of font using gradually started. 

    These fonts were appeared in various types of styles which became popular at the time of printing documents and books.

    Nowadays, calligraphy fonts are utilized in various different means. One can see them on invitation cards for wedding, billboards, business signs, signs for restaurants, cards for business and in many types of advertisements.  

    Calligraphy fonts are something which one can do by oneself and seek the help of professionals for doing so.