Freepik as one of the Microstock Agency which is also a leading search engine for vector design, photos, illustrations and free templates can be a land to make thousands of dollars every day.

how to make thousands of dollars with graphic design in freepik

This time, we'll talk about how to Register and Make Thousands of Dollars

If you are a designer who has been working offline and want to try to find additional income online with thousands of dollars, then this time tpembahasan will be very useful for you.

Because at this time, we will explore thoroughly about how to Make Dollars in

starting from the procedure of registering to how to Upload your first work. However, it's a good idea to understand or learn first about

What is

Freepik is one of the microstock Agency which is also the leading search engine in vector design affairs, Photos, Illustrations and Free Templates based in Malaga, Spain. was founded eleven years ago, precisely in 2010 by two brothers; Alejandro and Pablo Blanes and another named Joaquin Cuenca.

So let's're still quite young. However, as an Agency microstock, is experiencing a very rapid development.

One of the things that causes the rapid to develop is because the Free Download System is implemented.

However, despite being free Download, also provide Premium services for its loyal users. Even if you are a Graphic Designer and Photographer then open a great opportunity for you to sell designs or become a Contributor and be paid Dollars by

Arguably, among Freelance designers in all countries, this is one of The Microstock Agenci which is quite Phenomenal. Because of the rapid development. Whereas initially was just a Shutterstock Affiliate Website at that time Shutterstock was still the only King in the Microstock Industry.

Another one, actually also has a subsidiary called Flaticon, this is specifically for the sale of icon and Tutpad, devoted to online design courses.

Income Opportunities in

As for our previous research, that opens up great opportunities for Freelance Graphic Designers and Photographers to become premium Contributors, meaning that every design and Photo we upload on is not free. but it is premium. Make sure your work uploaded on must be of quality, because if mediocre it will be rejected by

Big Income Contributors

The amount of per 1 download is very small which is 0.11$ only. But the name microstock, which of course adheres to the Free Royalty System, then the number of Downloads per 1 Vector is unlimited or 1 Vector can be sold many times indefinitely.

So, if in a month we can sell Vector as much as 3590 then our income is 3590x 0.11$= 394.9 $

This income can of course be easily obtained if the quality and quantity of work is very good. Moreover, the level of in recent years is increasing.

Payment Methods

The income that we get will be sent directly via PayPal or Payoneer. The minimum limit of delivery or payout usually depends on the type of account we use, if using PayPal then the Minimum Payout is about 100$, but if using Payoneer is only about 50$.

Therefore, we advise you to use payoneer, in addition to the minimum payment is also quite low. So we don't have to wait for a big eranung to get a salary from For PAYONEER list can be directly here.

If you already understand about the above discussion, then it's time we register in

How to Register

Home View of the Contributors

  1. Prepare 20 Vectors or Photos first
  2. Please open the registration link
  3. Then Select Start Upload or Register.
  4. Please fill in the Username, Email Password and Job Posistion (Choose Graphic designer if you want to sell the design) and click Sign Up.
  5. After that you will be directed to agree to the Term and Condition of (. Please Click the Accept terms and Condition button.
  6.  Then please check your email to make sure you are registered.
  7.  If you have checked the email then please fill in the Biodata or Billing Information as below:

Make sure you fill in the data according to your IDENTITY card because later id verification must use identity card. To fill in payment methods such PayPal, Payoner and Skrill please fill in directly if you already have one of these accounts.

If not then please create an account by clicking the blue writing namely: Clicking Here (Select Payoneer, if payoneer or, PayPal and Skrill). As a suggestion just list Payoneer because it is easier. If billing infromation is in the complete contents, click Next.

8. Now you are required to fill in the Fiscal Information which is also as account verification. Please upload your ID card and don't forget to enter the date of creation of your ID and expiration date.

9. If you have, then please Fill in the Profile

Complete as shown below. If you have previously sold at other Microstock Agencies then please enter the link. If you don't just skip it. Don't forget to enter your Social Media link as well. If you have please click SAVE.

10. The next step you will be asked to upload your work. By clicking

start uploading and please select the upload button in the send up section.

11. Choose at least 20 vectors or your most interesting and best photos. Wait until the upload process is complete then please Complete the Metadata in the form of Description and Keyword in the Action section in the form of Icon Pencil (See the picture).

  • Click the Top Left upload button
  • Please Drag Vector or Browse
  • Click the Pencil Button or Icon
  • The process of ngisi Description and Keyword

12. Once all the Metadata has been disi please Save and Click Import Files and you will be sent To New page. Please click Ready to Send and select or Click Send to Revision at the top right.

  • Please select Send to Revision for the review process
  • View that 20 works have been submitted for review

13. If the 12 steps above are completed then it means that the rest of the review process from the team be approximately 3-7 working days.

thus the discussion around how to make thousands of dollars with graphic design in freepik